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I made a mechanical keyboard numpad

So I've been meaning to make a mechanical keyboard for a while, and finally got around to doing it. I had a teensy 2.0 and a bunch of Cherry MX brown knockoff switches lying around, so I just needed to design a board.

I had previously designed and milled …

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So I was just up all night (in the painfully literal sense) working on rendering a 3D model I made of the Octowedge. Angle A Angle B

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TreeA About 3 hours of work later... TreeB And about 10 hours of work and rendering after that: TreeC

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Emacs cat mode

So I wrote a minor mode for buffer management in Emacs. It works surprisingly well. Here it is. Also my most starred project on Github (although that isn't that hard), so that's nice. As of now, three whole people liked it!

Lisp is pretty cool.

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Robotics Tournament and exam week

Soooooo... Yeah. Writing things...

The robotics competition started on Thursday (just for setup), and went until Saturday. We (team 1786) were 21st seed at the end of the qualifiers, and were picked by our old team, 1729 (who were the 7th seed), along with 131 (CHAOS, who was in our …

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This is a project I have been working on for a while (since the start of the school year). It is a script, written in bash, to manage homework. I think it is pretty cool, but definitely needs more work.

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I drew a hand

I drew a hand for Drawing 1 (in the first week):

Hand Drawing

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I have a website. I might write about things here at some point.

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