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I made a mechanical keyboard numpad

So I've been meaning to make a mechanical keyboard for a while, and finally got around to doing it. I had a teensy 2.0 and a bunch of Cherry MX brown knockoff switches lying around, so I just needed to design a board.

I had previously designed and milled …

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So I was just up all night (in the painfully literal sense) working on rendering a 3D model I made of the Octowedge. Angle A Angle B

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TreeA About 3 hours of work later... TreeB And about 10 hours of work and rendering after that: TreeC

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Blag Update

So I finally updated this site. I am no longer using Wordpress, as it was really overkill, and not really what I wanted. I am now using Pelican, which is a Python based static site generator. So that's nice. I'll probably be fiddling with it for a while.

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Emacs cat mode

So I wrote a minor mode for buffer management in Emacs. It works surprisingly well. Here it is. Also my most starred project on Github (although that isn't that hard), so that's nice. As of now, three whole people liked it!

Lisp is pretty cool.

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Robotics Tournament and exam week

Soooooo... Yeah. Writing things...

The robotics competition started on Thursday (just for setup), and went until Saturday. We (team 1786) were 21st seed at the end of the qualifiers, and were picked by our old team, 1729 (who were the 7th seed), along with 131 (CHAOS, who was in our …

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Snow Day!

Today was a snow day, appently the first in 7 years. The whole dorm transported a pile of wood up the ski hill next to my dorm to the tiny house. That was rather a lot of work, so I am quite tired, and my shoes are soaked. At noon …

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Apperently I am bad at consistantly writing things

Sooooo... Robotics (FRC) started on the 3rd, and a lot has happened there. I am lead-programmer(ish) this year, so that is interesting.

I switched both of my computers (Surface Pro (1) and Mid-2012 Macbook Pro 15", the one that I accidentally wiped the Linux Mint partion of (see my …

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Note to self: Do not format hard drives while sleepy (or at least make a backup)

Sooo... I was installing Arch Linux, and resized my Linux Mint partition with parted (which is apparently not good at shrinking partitions). This lead to an issue where the partition thought it was bigger than it was. In trying to fix this, I ended up accidentally reformatting the partition, and …

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SATs today

I took the SATs today. They went much better than last time I took them, probably due to actually getting to sleep last night! Also, during the test, I knocked my phone off of the little pile of stuff under my desk, and the screen cracked... :(

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