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I made a mechanical keyboard numpad

So I've been meaning to make a mechanical keyboard for a while, and finally got around to doing it. I had a teensy 2.0 and a bunch of Cherry MX brown knockoff switches lying around, so I just needed to design a board.

I had previously designed and milled …

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Blag Update

So I finally updated this site. I am no longer using Wordpress, as it was really overkill, and not really what I wanted. I am now using Pelican, which is a Python based static site generator. So that's nice. I'll probably be fiddling with it for a while.

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Snow Day!

Today was a snow day, appently the first in 7 years. The whole dorm transported a pile of wood up the ski hill next to my dorm to the tiny house. That was rather a lot of work, so I am quite tired, and my shoes are soaked. At noon …

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Apperently I am bad at consistantly writing things

Sooooo... Robotics (FRC) started on the 3rd, and a lot has happened there. I am lead-programmer(ish) this year, so that is interesting.

I switched both of my computers (Surface Pro (1) and Mid-2012 Macbook Pro 15", the one that I accidentally wiped the Linux Mint partion of (see my …

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Note to self: Do not format hard drives while sleepy (or at least make a backup)

Sooo... I was installing Arch Linux, and resized my Linux Mint partition with parted (which is apparently not good at shrinking partitions). This lead to an issue where the partition thought it was bigger than it was. In trying to fix this, I ended up accidentally reformatting the partition, and …

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Break, and things since.

There was a break a week ago, and I stopped updating for a bit. So here are some new things:


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New Pebble!

I had to RMA my Kickstarter Pebble, so they shipped me a new one. Here are some pictures of the two:

Fronts Backs

I am using PebbleBits firmware with all firmware watchfaces as well the music and watchfaces apps disabled. With new QuickLaunch shortcuts and PebbleBits' BackLaunchBank14, I can run all of …

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A week of broken electronics...

I sent an RMA request for my pebble a few days ago because its screen has been acting up, and today my Nook Simple Touch decided it didn't want to have a functional screen. It is way out of warranty, and getting a new screen seems to cost about the …

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I have a website. I might write about things here at some point.

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