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Apperently I am bad at consistantly writing things

Sooooo... Robotics (FRC) started on the 3rd, and a lot has happened there. I am lead-programmer(ish) this year, so that is interesting.

I switched both of my computers (Surface Pro (1) and Mid-2012 Macbook Pro 15", the one that I accidentally wiped the Linux Mint partion of (see my previous post)) to Arch Linux, and am loving it. I also switched to using Syncthing (network of peers) instead of Seafile (server-client) for file syncing. It seems to use more CPU time, but other than that I really like it.

I finally got a new eReader, (a Kobo Aura HD), and have been using koreader instead of the default reader. Since I got it, I (finally) finished Cryptonomicon and Ao No Exorcist, read all of Little Brother, and started Snow Crash and Hacking the Xbox. For reading manga more easily, I was working on this bug/feature request, and wrote up a really terrible version that I hope to work on more at some point.

Mostly I have been watching anime, reading manga, working on Robotics, and failing miserably to work on English papers. Also, I applied to all of the colleges I plan to apply to except WPI, since it both had a later deadline (2015.02.01) and also required an essay.

Tomorrow is a snow day (apperently only the second one in seven years), so I don't really have anything due tomorrow.

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