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Note to self: Do not format hard drives while sleepy (or at least make a backup)

Sooo... I was installing Arch Linux, and resized my Linux Mint partition with parted (which is apparently not good at shrinking partitions). This lead to an issue where the partition thought it was bigger than it was. In trying to fix this, I ended up accidentally reformatting the partition, and can't seem to recover it. This is why I should probably back things up. Luckily, the only things on that partition that are not redundant or easily replaceable are video game saves, a project I was working on in Advanced Computer Programming, and some pictures (or at least I hope that's all). My plan now is to back up the whole drive, and continue trying from there, while just moving on with this one. I suspect that I might be able to get the pictures with some other software (PhotoRec), but I have little hope for most everything else.

I really wish I would stop doing thing that are likely to destructive right before important events (like, for instance, exams this week)...

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