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Break, and things since.

There was a break a week ago, and I stopped updating for a bit. So here are some new things:


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This is a project I have been working on for a while (since the start of the school year). It is a script, written in bash, to manage homework. I think it is pretty cool, but definitely needs more work.

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New Pebble!

I had to RMA my Kickstarter Pebble, so they shipped me a new one. Here are some pictures of the two:

Fronts Backs

I am using PebbleBits firmware with all firmware watchfaces as well the music and watchfaces apps disabled. With new QuickLaunch shortcuts and PebbleBits' BackLaunchBank14, I can run all of …

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Showing off the DK2s

We're showing off the Oculus Rift DK2s today. It's really fun to see people's reactions to SightLine: The Chair. 7 people have come through so far!

Earlier this week, we got a GTX 970, so games are actually playable! Elite: Dangerous is still the best game. Star Citizen has much …

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Sailing Rant

Up until this year, sailing at my high school was fun. We had the same partner and boat most of the time, so we could refine our skills together. I was with a good friend, so we could always talk about something (mostly recent developments in technology), and he was …

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A week of broken electronics...

I sent an RMA request for my pebble a few days ago because its screen has been acting up, and today my Nook Simple Touch decided it didn't want to have a functional screen. It is way out of warranty, and getting a new screen seems to cost about the …

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Oculus Rift DK2s are here!

We got our DK2s last week, and I have been messing with demos and setting up the SDK for development on my macbook. I have to use OSX becuase there is no Linux support yet :( (Hopefully coming Soon^tm^). So far, the best demo was either Senza Peso or SightLine …

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I drew a hand

I drew a hand for Drawing 1 (in the first week):

Hand Drawing

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I have a website. I might write about things here at some point.

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